BBS has tremendously assisted our company by eliminating some of the administrative burdens we encountered. They help us with any business advice we need and also oversee our bookkeeping and tax preparation. BBS provides a level of expertise in legal, finance, accounting and tax issues that takes away the hassle and compliance worries so that we can focus on our core business.

Steven Mauss

President and CEO, Knowledge Relay

BBS does a great job for us. They allow us focus on our construction jobs and they take care of all the administrative hassles. They collect our receivables and bill our customers as well as doing our bookkeeping, HR,IT and tax work. Their quality of service is exceptional and their price can't be beat. They also provide expertise far beyond what we could afford to hire and they do it at a fraction of the cost.

Kirby Justesen

President and CEO, SCW

BBS is an ideal partner for a company like mine. We receive expert support in the functions that are critical to us – our business accounting, our HR and payroll services – yet it is entirely cost effective for us. BBS is such a close partner, when we opened our Executive Assistant role, they sought out and provided the candidates for us, and we were able to find the ideal person to fill that role very quickly. Everything we have done with BBS has been above and beyond. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Cheryl Conner

President and CEO, Snapp Conner PR

BBS has simplified or even eliminated many of the stresses that come with operating and maintaining a new and growing business. Before, I was struggling to manage all aspects of my company simply because I was doing it alone. But now, I'm able to focus on the more important issues because of BBS and I've never been more excited for what lies ahead.

Dave Sheppard

President, Flatline Industries