Salt Lake City Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is the score card for your business. All successful businesses need a solid foundation which is built with a robust finance and accounting infrastructure. Financial success in business is created by focusing on the detail – the unique details of your business. Whether you have a large corporation or just a small Mom and Pop business, accurate accounting and financial information is crucial to your ability to generate profits and be successful. BBS will provide you better bookkeeping and accounting solutions and will do so at at a lower cost when compared to other viable solutions such as having a bookkeeper on your staff. With BBS as your partner, you will have a high quality bookkeeper assigned to you that will know your business inside and out. Our clients can always count on us to keep them apprised of all important financial issues.

Bookkeeper or Accountant?

Often people are confused by the difference between an accountant and a bookkeeper? A good bookkeeper handles all the normal financial record keeping and reporting associated with a business including the day-to-day accounting and financial responsibilities. An accountant typically specializes in the auditing of financial statements and the preparation and filing of required financial reports and tax returns. Small businesses may not need the expertise of an accountant and can have most of their financial requirements met by a bookkeeper. With BBS, you get the advantage of having both a bookkeeper and an accountant at a substantial lower price than having either as part of your employed staff. Having a good bookkeeper can be just as important to the success of your business as having a good accountant.


Why do You Need a Bookkeeper?

Bookkeeping is how you track what you are doing so you can measure your success. To be successful, you must know where your money going – how much is coming in and how much is going out and where it is going. Bookkeeping will let you know if you are profitable or not and what you need to change to improve your profitability. It will let you know which of your customers are paying your promptly and which are not. Quality bookkeeping will allow you to plan your expenditures and know when you can buy new equipment for your business and which customer you can safely extend credit and which vendors need to be paid. It allows you the information necessary to make good decisions about customers and vendors to improve

your cash flow and determine when to hire more employees. Bookkeeping allows you to budget and plan properly so that you are running your business optimally and not letting it run away for you. We can save you money by outsourcing all your bookkeeping needs. BBS can provide onsite and remote accounting and bookkeeping services for individuals and small to medium size businesses. Outsourcing your books to us will be a cost effective decision compared to hiring in-house. Our team consists of professional and experienced accounting experts who specialize in weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly bookkeeping services. We also provide bookkeeping catch-up if your books have fallen behind. We can set-up your books & chart of accounts if you are a just getting started or we can provide sophisticated controls and financial reporting if you are more established. We can do all your year-end tax work and 1099 filings and W-2 filings. At BBS, we understand how critically important it is to trust in the company that you hire to manage your confidential and private financial information so you can be confident that our bookkeeping and accounting services come very highly recommended.