Compliance Services

BBS can assist you in all your HR compliance requirements. We can specifically:

  • Review your forms, records and posting requirements and ensure you have the right things in the right places

  • Assess any potential discrimination issues, or any harassment or retaliation issues.

  • Correctly identify the employment laws that apply to your company.

  • Review your current employment practices and procedures to ensure they are compliant.

  • Identify any potential litigation risks and make recommendations on how to minimize them.

  • Review employee exemption status (exempt or non-exempt) as required by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

  • Assist your company in creating a safe and compliant work environment with fair, consistent, optimal employment practices


HR Compliance Review:

HR regulations, laws and requirement are very complex and are governed by various local, state and federal agencies. Non-compliance can result in wasted time, penalties, loss of productivity, and even the closure of your business. BBS can provide a comprehensive review of you current employment practices and compliance requirements providing you with peace of mind knowing that your business is safe, compliant, and risks are minimized. The employment laws of each jurisdiction change frequently and trying to stay abreast of all the changes can be a monumental task, but with BBS, you don’t need to worry or fret about HR issues and you can rest assured that everything is in compliance. You can focus your time, energy, expertise and resources towards more valuable and more productive revenue generating activities.

For most companies, their employees are their most valuable resource and taking care of our employees is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, various governmental regulations create some difficulty to ensure that our employees are properly motivated and rewarded and our company is in full compliance with legal requirements regarding safety, discrimination, fair pay, and various other HR-related issues. BBS has the experienced professionals to handle all your HR compliance issues and ensure that you can run your business with the best and most productive employees.

One of the most frightening things a business owner can experience is when some government agency shows up at the door with a problem regarding some administrative issue in their company. Businesses have too many things to worry about without administrative problems. BBS can handle all your administrative problems and issues – we allow you to focus on your core business operations without the administrative hassles. We can help you before, during and after any regulatory or compliance issue.


Professional recommendations to create a safe and compliant working environment.

Detailed HR compliance guidelines and customized training materials.

Correct identification of any compliance risks or violations.

Solutions to address an HR issues or concerns.

Appropriate HR legal documentation