The partners at BBS have a long history of providing top quality accounting services for businesses of all sizes. Our experience and expertise as accounting and finance professionals has helped many businesses achieve financial success, and we work extremely hard to make sure all of our clients succeed. Proper and accurate accounting is a necessity, and we are business, accounting and tax professionals – we are here to help ensure that your accounting is optimally and inexpensively done in the best possible way. We know the skills and capabilities it takes to run a successful business and we understand that as a business owner, your resources, energy and time must be optimally utilized for you to succeed.

In today’s highly technical business world, having the appropriate internet, network and other information technology resources to properly handle your customers, vendors and financial data is critical to your business success. The foundation of most successful businesses starts with a solid technology infrastructure. Real success is in the details. You may have a small Mom and Pop store or a large corporation, in either case having access to data to run your business optimally is essential to meeting customer satisfaction. BBS can provide you with all of the basic IT solutions you need at a lower cost than having your own IT personnel on staff or using an outsourced provider.

BBS's Tax Services give you accurate and efficient tax preparation, compliance, and advice in a friendly manner without any problems, issues or worries. If you engage BBS to do your tax returns, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will accurately take care of all of your tax filing and compliance requirements and will save you money at the same time. No matter how simple or complex, large or small, local or state or federal, our tax service professionals are ready to help you. We can assist with your personal income tax return and we can also handle any of your business needs including corporations, LLC, partnerships, self-employment, home based businesses, and more.

As a business employer, your resources and time are limited - you must focus on what matters most. BBS can handle all your Human Resources related (HR) administrative responsibilities and free up your time for the more important matters of running your business. You can consider BBS as your back-office HR support. We can handle all the daily HR tasks that monopolize your resources and time. BBS can help with employee records maintenance, payroll processing, employer liability management, recruiting, benefits management, rewards and recognition, discipline, safety, and many other HR duties relieving you of undue stress over the complexities of HR government compliance.