For most small and medium-sized businesses, they should not be doing their own payroll. The compliance complexities and governmental penalties and risk far out-weigh the costs. As a business owner with tax filing requirements, periodic payroll processing, and various HR management needs, BBS has an affordable and comprehensive payroll solution for your business.

There are hundreds if not thousands of payroll processing companies in the world, but what sets BBS apart from the crowd is our customer centric service. We exist to serve you and your needs and we will do whatever it takes to make your experience with us as excellent as possible. Whether you are trying to increase your payroll efficiencies through better system functionality, or to enhance overall job performance by integrating your HR systems you’re your business payroll software, BBS designs the optimal payroll solution for you that will generate tangible results immediately upon implementation. Each of our business payroll solution is built on a secure yet flexible platform, offering greater system reliability with each customized implementation. Also our solutions integrate with all of our other finance and accounting solutions, so you need only one point of data entry. BBS provides improved access to your information while optimizing your workflow processes, enhancing your payroll processing environment and decreasing your operating costs.

All businesses would like to eliminate redundant efforts and reduce administrative tasks so that productivity can be increased and profitability improved. BBS’s payroll solutions help you to control your employee costs and improve your cash flow. Each business is unique and our payroll solutions are adapted to your specific needs and customized to meet your requirements and achieve your business objectives. BBS Payroll provides a suite of payroll and HR solutions designed to improve your overall operation efficiencies and reducing your operating costs. We combine our powerful, agile systems and processes with a highly qualified and dedicated service team to meet the needs of each of our clients.

At BBS, we realize that companies do not collect payroll information and process payroll transaction in the same way. We are not an impersonal bureaucracy conducting business in our own selfish interests. We are customer centric, friendly, and flexible when it comes to developing and implementing a successful payroll program for each of our unique customers. We are so confident in our abilities that we guarantee your program will have a smoother implementation with greater accuracy than with any other provider. BBS’s payroll processing will deliver the information you need to better manage your business the way you want to manage it.