If you decide that selling your business is the right exit strategy for you, BBS can help assure that you cover all your bases and maximize the value you receive from the sale. In order to sell your business, BBS will help you find buyers and prepare a sales agreement. This is the key document in selling your business assets or stock of your company. It is important to make sure the agreement is accurate and contains all the terms of the sale. It is in this agreement that BBS will help you define everything that you intend to sale for the business, assets, customer lists, intellectual property and goodwill.

The following is a checklist of some of the items that BBS will help you with when selling your business:

  • Finding qualified buyers and evaluating purchase offers

  • Properly describing the assets being sold

  • Determining the best sale price and Allocation of Assets

  • Establishing the proper terms of sale including various covenants like a Covenant Not to Compete

  • Determining any adjustments to be made

  • Negotiating the final Terms of the Agreement and payment terms

  • Determining the list of inventory included in the sale

  • Negotiating the appropriate representations and warranties of the seller and buyer

  • Evaluating the tax consequences

  • Determining access to any business information

  • Analyzing how the business will run before, after and during the closing

  • Analyzing all potential contingencies

  • Calculation all Fees, including brokers fees

  • Determining the date of closing and doing the final close