BBS’s Email Set-up and Management services are a cost-effective and highly scalable and are customized to meet the needs of any size of business. We eliminate the expense and complexity of building an in-house email solutions or installing, licensing, and operating a third-party email service. Our email services make it easy to receive and send emails from applications being hosted on the web or by other or other services. With BBS there is no long-term contractual commitment, lengthy negotiation or minimum spend required.

To properly optimize the percentage of emails that are successfully sent and delivered, businesses must deal with administrative hassles such as network configuration, email server management, and meeting various rigorous Internet Service Provider (ISP) standards for email content. Additionally, many email solutions providers require price and contract negotiations, as well as significant up-front costs to implement.


BBS eliminates these technical challenges and enables companies to benefit from its expertise and years of experience with sophisticated email infrastructure that BBS utilizes to serve its customer base. Using BBS, businesses can now access a scalable, high-quality email infrastructure to effectively and efficiently communicate to their customers and other business partners. To ensure high email deliverability, BBS uses advanced content filtering technologies to review and scan a company’s outgoing email messages and ensure that the content meets ISP standards. Once scanned, the email message is then either sent to the designated recipient or back to the sender for corrective action. To help companies further improve the quality and deliverability of email communications, BBS provides a built-in feedback system, which includes notifications of spam complaints, bounce backs, and successful and failed delivery attempts. BBS makes your email communications work seamlessly without hassles and provides you the peace of mind to know your messages are getting where you want them to.