Every company’s financial needs are unique and we take great care to see that your business gets the appropriate banking and investment services that will help you to maximize your future business opportunities.

BBS can help you find the right bank or financial services partner that will understand your specific needs and assist your business with all its banking and financial services requirements. In addition, if needed, BBS can write checks and make payments for you, make deposits and reconcile your bank accounts, and provide a host of other services. BBS offers exceptional personal service in helping you find the banking partner that will customize their support to your unique needs and give you the access to your money and banking information that best fits your needs including phone support, ATM’s, online banking, and mobile access to your bank accounts.

Banks generally act as payment agents for companies by providing checking for customers, paying checks drawn by customers on the bank, and collecting checks deposited. But having the right bank can provide so much more to help your business be successful. BBS helps you find just the right banking relationship where your banker knows your business and looks for solutions to your unique problems and helps you to optimize your cash utilization.

Banks generate revenue in a variety of different ways including financial advice, fees, and interest on loans. The wrong bank can result in paying for services you don’t need and not getting what you do need. BBS can help you navigate the myriad of options and financial institutions to determine what is best for you.

Here are some of the banking services that we can assist you with:

Online Banking

Checking Accounts

Mobile Banking

Credit Cards

Debit and ATM Cards

Treasury and Money Services

Savings Accounts

Debt Consolidation

Home Mortgages

Mutual Funds

Business Banking


Loans & Lines of Credit

Merchant Services

Personal Banking

Commercial Loans

SBA Loans

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)

Payroll Solutions

Foreign Currency

Overdraft Protection

Term Loans

Wire Transfers

Prepaid Cards

Project Financing

Cash Management Services

Certificates of Deposit

Collections Services

Student Banking

Multiple Deposit Solutions

Wealth Management

Workplace Banking

Account Access

Credit Education and Resources