Sales Tax Services

If your business sales products or services than you may be subject to collecting and remitting sales taxes and filing sales tax returns. Companies are faced with a number of significant challenges when it comes to sales and use taxes as follows:

  • Completing accurate and timely tax forms to all the right taxing jurisdictions

  • Calculating sales and use taxes correctly based on various product and service categories and determining in what taxing jurisdiction each product or service is being bought and sold;

  • Keeping track of thousands of ever-changing tax rates and changing tax jurisdictions;

  • Paying correct taxes on time, every time.

With BBS’s help, there is an easier and a better way.

BBS can make your life much easier and help you be confident that your Sales Tax issues are properly handled. BBS can calculate the correct sales and use taxes for each taxing jurisdiction, complete all the applicable tax forms, and transfer the required funds to each of the various state and local tax revenue departments. BBS gives you the ability and opportunity to focus on higher level business functions and make more concrete contributions to your company’s growth and success by outsourcing another business process and thus freeing up time spent by your finance and tax people and sales tax issues. The BBS Sales Tax Service takes the time-consuming and tedious process of sales and use tax compliance and turns it into a fully automated solution.

BBS provides experienced tax professionals to handle your sales tax compliance process, reducing your expenses and exposure to tax liability and compliance costs. Specifically, BBS offers fully automated tax filings, tax calculations, and tax payments, and various required back-office services to support the entire sales tax process. The BBS Sales Tax Service is unique in its approach to provide simple solutions to the sale tax issues that businesses have been grappling with for decades. BBS provides a long list of benefits as follows

Benefits of Using the BBS’s Sales Tax Service

  • Timely sales tax forms processing and filing

  • Frees accounting and tax staff to focus on more important key business initiatives

  • Ability to forecast tax obligations quicker and with greater accuracy

  • All sales tax forms research is done by BBS to make sure you always have the right forms

  • Ability to copy and share processing procedures and business rules between various business units

  • Always have a defensible audit trail

  • Reduce the scope of sales tax audits

  • Help avoid costly sales tax penalties and interest

  • Your business can take advantage of tax compliance research done by BBS in all US and Canadian jurisdictions

  • Facilitate better tax planning and transaction modeling for more informed decision making

  • Up-to-date compliance with tax rule changes, reflecting the most recent laws and regulations

  • Automatic tax filings and automated clearing house (ACH) payments, ensuring on-time compliance and avoiding penalties and interest due from late filing

  • Reduce the total cost of sales tax compliance and mitigate risk

  • Support a high degree of customization in various tax jurisdictions, geocodes, goods/service codes, entity/use codes, and associated tax rules

  • Comprehensive management of liabilities – no worry that something has not been paid

  • BBS handles all sales tax notices and inquiries