Invoicing And Billing

Why spend your time doing the mundane tasks of invoicing and billing your customers? BBS can take care of this for you at a lower cost and also allows you to focus on more important business matters. It is true that making the decision to let others be involved with communications to your customers can be daunting. But with BBS, you can have the confidence of knowing that you have a provider that meets your high customer satisfaction requirements. We can meet any challenge and exceed your expectations. We provide statements, invoicing, and billing services, plus electronic delivery of all required documents.

BBS clearly understands that every company’s needs are unique when it comes to billing customers and that most problems are caused well before the invoice is sent. BBS prevents downstream customer issues by instilling controls and appropriate procedures at the beginning of the billing process.

beginning. This substantially reduces the need for any rework, reduces rejected invoices and eliminates month end fire-drills. We provide the mechanism that allows your company to put everything (expenses, milestones, etc.) on one combined billing or to break each item out based on your unique requirements. BBS allows you or your operations team to do a final check on the billing or you can delegate it completely to us. In either case, BBS offers a customized and streamlined invoice and billing process.


We know that you are extremely busy with the multitude of tasks it takes to be successful, so BBS has developed a unique and simple process to get setup and running with our low cost and easy to master invoicing and billing service.

You are always provided with visibility into what is ready to bill, has been billed and what has been invoiced

We always reconcile vendor changes

It is one simple step to generate billing events

We provide expertise in transforming your complex data into high-quality documents

Invoicing and billing data is clearly viewable for each project.

Any vendor can submit invoices and get status updates as needed

We can provided reverse invoices for vendors

We ensure that you never have duplicate vendor charges

With BBS you can count on easy Implementation