Having the right employees in the right positions is key to developing a successful business model. BBS’s professional recruiting team can find the top candidates for any executive, professional or hourly position. We do the finding, reviewing, and hiring for you, providing you with the best employees available. Our professional recruiters are skilled in networking, recruiting, and selecting candidates that fit your business culture, your skill requirements and your hiring criteria. We hire through various job sites, contact the top individuals from targeted organizations, and search various other places that are hard for you to reach on your own.

Employers quickly realize that having workers that are correctly matched to their job and their organization is critical for success. But how do you search, find and match the right worker to the right job position? BBS help you by developing a comprehensive human resource strategy for your company with a well-structured recruiting and selection program. To successfully develop such a program, it is crucial to follow a proven recruiting process for each job position you need to fill. Shortcutting the recruiting process can result in wasted time, work inefficiencies and inappropriate resources for your job positions.

To make sure recruiting is always a success, BBS follows these steps:

  • Develop accurate job descriptions. You need to understand what you need and what type of person will best meet that need – this becomes an effective job description for each job position. The job descriptions for your business should be developed carefully to include the skill sets the worker will need, the roles the individual will fill, the personal characteristics that are important to completing their tasks, and the relevant experience that would help create the best candidates. This may sound fairly basic, but you'd be surprised at how many small companies fail to develop or maintain updated job descriptions.

  • It is important to compile an “Optimal Success Profile." for key positions in your company that are critical to the successful execution of your business strategy. These might include such positions as executives, managers, team leaders, and key salespeople. Understanding why some people are more successful than others in a given position will help you seek out the top performers thus increasing their success and your company’s success.

  • Develop a profile for everyone in the each job position to identify any skills and attributes that are common to the best performers but missing from others. Using this information, you'll be able to develop a profile to help you select the candidates most likely to succeed in each job position. You won’t know if you have a good job candidate unless you are matching candidates against a specific profile.

  • Draft your job advertisement, describing the position and the key qualifications required. Although some applicants will ignore the job requirements, including this information will help you limit the number of unqualified applicants.

  • Post your job ads, in the media that will most likely to reach your potential job candidates. Of course, the Internet has become the leading venue for posting job openings, but don't overlook targeted industry publications and local newspapers.

  • Develop a series of suitable interview questions that you can ask over the phone to help you quickly identify qualified candidates and eliminate others.

  • Review carefully each of the resumes you receive and identify the candidates that best fit your job description. Knowing what you're looking for in terms of experience, education and skills will help you weed through these resumes quickly and identify your best candidates.

  • Select candidates for interviews based upon the response to your phone interviews.

  • Assess your potential candidates for their skills and attributes using your past experience of what has worked best. For example, a good assessment test will provide insights as to whether the individual is agreeable or uncompromising, conscientious or lackadaisical, introverted or extroverted, open to new ideas or close-minded, and emotionally stable or anxious and insecure.

  • Schedule and conduct interviews with each candidate based on the previous steps. Use a consistent set of 10 to 12 questions to maintain a structured interview and offer a sound basis for comparing applicants.

  • Select the bestncandidate. Make your selection by matching the best applicant to the profiled job description.

  • Run a background check on the individual to uncover any potential problems not revealed by previous testing and interviews.

  • Make your offer to the candidate. The information you collected during the interview process will provide you with important insights as to starting compensation levels and training needs.

BBS Recruiting Delivers:

  • Accurate, professional job descriptions

  • Prescreened, highly qualified individuals for you to choose from.

  • Better employees that more clearly match your requirements

  • High quality talent, when you need it.

  • Upon request, we can assist with interviewing questions, reference checks, interviewing and selection