Government vs. Business

Posted September 5th, 2012 by bbsadmin & filed under General Business, Government.

Anyone who has been following the RNC and the DNC should know by now that all politicians are singing the same song – they are all going to improve things for the small business owner and for the middle class. If businesses could have the advantages of government, we would all be better off. If the small business owner could spend money that wasn’t theirs and incur debt without limits or recourse, so much of the stress of business ownership would be eliminated.

Most politicians have seen the plight of small business owners, but few have experienced it. They empathize about the struggles, but they don’t understand them nor know what to do about them. Here are a few words of business advice for our political friends:

Stay out of debt: Debt is not our friend – whether your a government or a business – debt is a strict task master and has little room for flexibility. While some limited debt may be necessary from time to time, the goal should always be to pay it off as soon as possible – if not the debt holders become the master of our fate. For the U.S. government, the high level of debt is choking any ability for the it to be of any help to anyone. Focus on getting the debt reduced and you will help all of your stakeholders.

Less Government is better Government: It has been proven over and over again that the government is not the most efficient organization to run anything. Someone does something wrong or some investors lose money or some person or group of people appear disadvantaged and the government thinks it needs to regulate or pass laws to solve the problem. The government only makes it worse once it gets involved. People will solve their own problems. Civil rights were brought about because the majority of the people in the country understood that it was the right thing to do. Government takes the credit, but it didn’t cause the improvements, it just added to the burden and caused more problems. Government involvement in anything tends to make it worse not better. Government should be restricted to safety, defense, security and protecting the rights of individuals – keep them out of everything else.

Stick to what you know: Every business owner realizes they must focus on what they know and not get distracted by everything else going on. Trying to engage in areas that they know nothing about leads to failure every time. Government should also focus on what they know and stay out of everything else. Government is not going to be the best provider of welfare or healthcare or education or most other things. Let businesses create market-driven ways to take care of people – it will be more efficient, more effective, and produce greater results.

Get a real job: Opening up a virtual business will usually only create virtual profits. If you want real profits, you need a real business. If you want earn real money, you need a real job. Government passes laws, establishes regulations, forms agencies and oversight boards, and fills these with employees. Sadly, these aren’t real jobs. They feel like real jobs; the employees think they are real jobs, they get paid like real jobs, but unfortuntely they produce no real value for the economy rather they take value away from the real economy. Let businesses, people, and free enterprise create value and jobs for all of us – keep the government out.

Cut your losses: Every business owner knows that at some point if things are not working out you need to cut your losses. You can’t keep going down the same path if it is proven to not work. Government needs to take the same advice. Every citizen in the U.S. would be much better off if the national debt had been paid as a dividend to each family and had not been paid for government services. That would be about $50,000 in every persons pocket or about $200,000 for a family of four. It is clear to see each of us wold be better off with the money than having the government spend it for us. Reduce government and give the money back to its citizens.

It is fun to talk about what should be done. As we sit and watch the election unfold and listen to the candidates talk about how they are going to help us, we just need to remember that the best way for them to help would be to close down most of the government and get real jobs.