Aaron of Lincoln - One of History's Wealthiest


Most people don't even know who Aaron of Lincoln was. His home, the Norman House, still stands in England as one of the oldest homes still in existence. He was one of the wealthiest people of all time and here are some business lessons we can learn from him.

1. Be quick to observe. Although Aaron of Lincoln is a very obscure figure in history there are many qualities and characteristics that we can draw from in his brief appearance during the 12th century. One of Aaron’s key attributes was his ability to observe the evolving financial environment and be able to seize an opportunity while in its subtle stages. Oftentimes we recognize an opportunity that someone has capitalized on and made successful, then our imaginations wander to how simple the idea is and why hadn’t we thought of that in the first place. As we improve upon being quick to observe there will be less of a need for clarifying questions, a greater ability to take initiative, increased awareness of your surroundings, and the ability to communicate more effectively.

2. Be brave of heart. Anyone that has attempted to pursue a business venture knows that it requires courage to follow through with the idea and turn it into a reality. As a species, humans are relatively risk averse, in accordance to self-preservation, however when man desires something outside the norm there is a natural fear of loss or endangerment that comes attached. Aaron of Lincoln was inclined to take on great risk, even with the knowledge of the danger it presented to his mortality. Although risk may not always mean physical danger it is an important thing to learn to face and overcome if success is in the balance.

3. Find your place in the market. Have you ever had the feeling that you are in the right place at the right time? There is an art to having this feeling over and over again. There are whole seminars and industries dedicated to helping businesses find their place in the market, but fundamentally it is a matter of recognizing that businesses are able to specialize and exchange goods and services that consumers demand. There are also some fundamental questions that you must ask yourself in order to narrow your search.

4. Where much is given, give back more. Aaron of Lincoln knew that he was not going to be able to keep the wealth he accumulated in this life, so he was ready and willing to give it all back. Selfishness has never been the formula for success, actually history has shown quite the opposite. Its pattern almost seems like the more you give, the more you receive.

5. When push comes to shove. In the whole course of business you will meet challenges. The fact is that unforeseen, difficult situations will arise and require that you make a decision. It is not possible to make an educated decision without the “education” to back up the decision. Accumulate all the knowledge you can and you will have an abundance of knowledge to call upon when needed.

6. Turn that frown upside-down. Along the lines of preparation, there are two kinds of people. Those who are prepared and those who are not. Attitude plays a deciding role in the success and failures of a business. If you are prepared and are able to anticipate the consequences of your decisions you will increase in hope in the future and become more confident in yourself as you continue to make hard decisions. Aaron of Lincoln was an individual who was constantly ready to make difficult decisions and did not let his failures bog him down. As Aaron of Lincoln kept a positive attitude about the future he was able to overcome anything that came his way, resulting in his great success and wealth.