7 Reasons Why Passion Creates Success

Posted January 11th, 2013 by bbsadmin & filed under General Business, Motivation.


What is the single most important factor that distinguishes success from failure – PASSION!

1. Passion and process

Passion1Passion is like an emotional fuel that gives entrepreneurs the horsepower to keep going. It is an attitude that pulls entrepreneurs through the good, the bad and the ugly. You must keep in mind that fuel cannot replace a car, but it is necessary for the car to move even an inch. So in terms of business, you cannot generate incredible amounts of wealth by simply having a strong and powerful drive. Even just having the car is not enough. The car must be functional and be maintained with needed repairs. Your business needs the correct organization, team and plan. When all of these things are in place the passion you feed into the business can help drive it to success. The fuel of passion must go through the engine and be ignited. Then, if everything is working correctly, each part of the business carries out its respective process in order to move it forward.

2. Passion and people

Passion must be passed to people through a plan persistently to be profitable (that’s a mouthful). If you are the CEO of a peanut butter manufacturing plant and you have a deep passion for your product, peanut butter, it is not enough. You must be able to transfer your enthusiasm to other employees. Going back to the car analogy, you can have the motor running, and even be reving the engine, but the car will not move forward until it is put in gear and the energy is transferred to the wheels. So how do you transfer passion to other employees? The answer is simple. You have passion based on your perspective; it is your feelings toward your knowledge filtered through your experience. If you want to transfer your passion down the roots of your company, you must transfer your vision along with it. Your employees must see what you see through the angle, or perspective, you see it from.

3. Passion and persistence

Passion is tested with persistence. You know you are passionate about something when your energy and enthusiasm are not extinguished by circumstance. You cannot put water in your car and expect it to run. It must be petroleum or diesel fuel. Similarly, you cannot pretend to have passion and expect to be successful. This is because passion is tied to our vision, perspective, and our feelings.

4. Passion and play

Can you have a passion for something you don’t like? I doubt it. Most people I know turn something they enjoy doing into something they are passionate about. If you consider enjoying life as part of what you consider success, you need to have a passion for what you do. Play and passion do not support success on their own. For example, if you absolutely love making cookies and you have developed a passion for it, it will not ensure a successful cookie business. You must have a passion for doing those things required to support a successful business as well as having fun with and being passionate about what you do as a business.

5. Passion and perfection

If you have a passion for what you do, you will not allow quality to fall short. When people see that you have a high quality product they will have greater reason to purchase it. People who have a passion for what they do have success because they take pride in their work and make sure their work is of high quality. They see their work as part of their identity. This is another test for passion. If you start lacking the motive to reach for high quality products and service, you are probably low on passion for those products or services.

6. Passion and profits

As was mentioned earlier, passion leads to profits but profits do not come from passion alone. If you have a passion for your business, you will not allow it to be unprofitable, assuming there is some kind of demand for your product or service. If you are passionate about what you do you will knock doors, call thousands of prospects or travel to where there is a demand. Going back to the car analogy, if you want your car to move forward, you will do what is necessary to maintain it and ensure it runs smoothly. If it is broken down, it will not perform well even with fuel. Your passion for your product must accompany passion for a profit. This does not mean that the profit overpowers the passion for the product, but without a profit you cannot continue to make a product.

7. Passion and products

Have you ever had someone try and sell something to you with absolutely no enthusiasm by any stretch of the imagination? Sometimes in such situations the person almost seems to have a script which must be said, if they want to keep their job. This is anything but persuading, and it may even be dissuading. On the other hand, have you ever encountered someone who was passionate about their product. Perhaps they persuaded you to buy that all-in-one lint roller back scratcher shoe horn you never thought you would buy. There must be some level of passion when you sell your products. It comes back to the concept of being on a higher level in order to be able to pull someone up to your level. If you want a customer to be enthusiastic enough to pull out their check, you need to be enthusiastic enough to pull them up to the level that will persuade them to do so.