HR Services

HR Services

As a business employer, your resources and time are limited - you must focus on what matters most. BBS can handle all your Human Resources related (HR) administrative responsibilities and free up your time for the more important matters of running your business. You can consider BBS as your back-office HR support. We can handle all the daily HR tasks that monopolize your resources and time. BBS can help with employee records maintenance, payroll processing, employer liability management, recruiting, benefits management, rewards and recognition, discipline, safety, and many other HR duties relieving you of undue stress over the complexities of HR government compliance. BBS keeps up with ever-changing state and national regulations so you can trust that your business is always compliant with the latest governmental mandates.

Unfortunately, Human Resources problems can surface any time especially when you least expect them. These people related issues are often time consuming and can be very costly. As a small or medium-size business owner, every employee in your company plays a important role in your overall success – even one disgruntled or unproductive employee can have a big impact on your profitability. If HR issues aren’t managed quickly and appropriately, they can put your business – and you as the owner – at greater risk of fines, lawsuits, and penalties. You don’t need to take that risk. BBS can assist you with all HR requirements and issues – and respond and prepare effectively and proactively with the appropriate HR resources and tools and resources. When you engage BBS as your partner, you are getting access to an expert team of HR professionals with years of experience and know how. They help you understand the best HR practices for each situation your business faces – from hire to retire, or as sometime may be the case, from hire to fire. BBS cares about making sure you have the best-practice information to help you always make the right decisions.

When you partner with BBS for assistance in HR management, you get:

Practical tools

Wouldn’t you like to have all the HR tools you need to better handle your HR responsibilities? Wouldn’t you love having a smarter and faster recruiting and hiring solution for your growing business or a electronic wizard to help you create and update your employee handbook? BBS can provide your business with these solutions and a lot more. We can provide systems for tracking employee development and training, electronic storage of documents, and many other day-to-day best practices. We can provide simple or sophisticated payroll solutions and much more. BBS can handle your most comprehensive of HR requirements.

Smarter Hiring

Finding, selecting, interviewing, and hiring the right employees can be a very inefficient and time consuming process for business owners. BBS can help you post employment opportunities to multiple job boards and social media sites and easily manage potential candidates with various applicant tracking systems that identify top candidates based on your search criteria.

Guidance and Perspective

Our HR professionals are available 24/7 to answer your day-to-day questions. In addition, BBS ensures that you have all the information you need to make timely and educated decisions. Whatever the situation, you’ll have the assurance and peace of mind knowing that BBS is available to assist you with the problems that may arise as you operate your business.

Talent management

We can help you select the right employees with background selection and screening, tools for conducting and storing employee performance reviews; managing new hire paperwork, and developing a toolkit for onboarding new employees.

Efficiency through integration

BBS provides a full array of HR management tools that integrate seamlessly with other BBS services to give you the world-class capabilities, speed and simplicity offered by using a single provider with a single data set. We can easily connect your HR data and functions with other vital areas, including financial reports, tax services, time and attendance reporting, and other solutions.