To Be or Not To Be – Business Insights from Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare changed the literary world, but much can also be learned from him to help enterepreneurs be successful today.

1. Back to the basics

shakespeareHis writings express the basic emotions people feel in their lives. He writes about love, hope, despair, revenge and more. People are able to relate to these emotions and find common ground with the things he writes. As you interact with potential customers, customers and employees remember to establish common ground; build rapport to build strength in your relationships. Relationships are a key factor in keeping businesses going. Learn to go to back to the basics by finding common ground with others.

2. Expressing yourself

It is not only about what you describe, but how you describe it. Shakespeare did not simply explain general themes, he used his immense vocabulary to craft descriptive sentences beautifully and poetically. This can apply to your elevator pitch when networking. When you speak about your experience in something think about more than simple general facts. What details can you leave with them to remember? Consider using numbers, time and other strong memorable facts. Saying that you are an experienced in budgeting is great, but it is much better if you can state that you saved the company 14% by making cuts in unnecessary spending. Learn to express yourself.

3. Understand human nature

Perhaps one of the qualities that made Shakespeare successful in his plays is his understanding of human nature. He needed to have an understanding human nature to appeal to the common emotions that people experience . Because businesses are made up of people and are made to meet the needs of people, wouldn’t it be important to understand people? This knowledge comes from listening intently, observing and reading.

4. Metaphors

Shakespeare wrote entertaining plays and stories which have withstood the tests of time. Embedded in these stories are strong metaphors of life. It is easier to remember stories than to remember raw facts. This is seen in many advertising campaigns. For example, a mother and daughter enjoying a moment with a special meal that features a specific product. How can you incorporate stories into your business to enforce key facts and important values of your company?

5. Know what people want

Shakespeare knew how to write scripts which intrigued those who read and watch. By knowing human nature you he kept the attention of those who watched and listened. Learn the needs of your market. People have a short attention span. By knowing what people need and meeting their needs you can keep their attention and gain their their business.

Notable Quotes

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them”

“Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice”

“Things done well and with a care, exempt themselves from fear”

“No legacy is so rich as honesty”