Getting the right image – Picasso Style

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Pable Picasso was amazing. What he could do with the stroke of a brush edified all mankind. Today’s entrepreneurs can learn a few things from this great artist:

1. Subtle and powerful messages of visual communication

PicassoYou don’t need words to convey your message. Picasso was able to convey feelings through imagery. He used color and shape to convey his messages. For example, there was a period in which he painted in blue shades. Some of these paintings give a feeling of gloom. As applied to business we need to remember how important the visual side of things are. Communication is used to convey a message from one mind to another. Because language has holes, visual communication can be powerful. Logos, products, and people convey a visual message about the business. Strong numbers and strong words influence your business outcomes, but don’t forget the subtle and strong messages visual imagery can produce for your company. What kind of image does your business give off? Is it formal or casual? Is it neat or sloppy?

2. Strength in numbers when going through change

Though visual art has been a part of many cultures for many years, it reached a new era with Picasso. He changed the way art was done in the 20th century. He can be thought of as a visual scientist, experimenting with new techniques that brought new perspective to the 20th century. Picasso invented a new style called cubism along with George Barque. This technique was very new to the art world. Perhaps we can learn that strong new ideas can be assisted in coming about when there are strong supporters or co-pioneers. The strength lies in increased credibility. Is there someone who is supportive that gives credibility to your idea or business?

3. The price of success

Though Picasso eventually became very wealthy through his success, his beginnings were very humble. He worked hard with his art just to survive. He was contracted with an art dealer and worked to establish his name. His constant dedicated work towards what he loved doing led him to great wealth as he continued on. When we think of successful people we often forget the price they pay for success. Most of the time customers don’t come crawling to your business. You have to find them and persuade them in order to be successful. When you are feeling like you can’t keep pushing forward remember Picasso.


4. Don’t put all the attention on your successes

Paint and brushPicasso once said, “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” (Brainy Quotes) Businesses don’t improve only by improving what they are doing correctly, but also by improving what it is doing incorrectly. In sales, for example, if you are excellent in finding potential customer leads but poor at having eye contact or trip up in your sales pitch, it is obvious that your attention must be focused on that which is hard for you to do, the sales pitch and the eye contact. Success is not developed by simply doing what you are good at, but improving what you are not good at.

5. Success is variable

If you look through Picasso’s art you will find that he has many different styles and themes. He has paintings in cubism, specific colors, paintings that look very realistic and paintings which are very abstract. You will also notice many different themes from political statements to simply beautiful paints for the sake of beauty. One thing is for sure, he did not bank on one theme altogether throughout his career. We can learn that success is variable. While there are principles people must follow to achieve success, success itself changes. No one can say that the tape player was not a success, however, the changing times have left it in the dust. When a business leader finds success, he or she must not consider that success to be something that is fixed and unchanging. He or she should note the principles that lead to that success, but they must be aware of the changes around them and be prepared to move with the wave of success and keep their eyes open for new waves.

Notable Quotes

“Action is the foundational key to all success”

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone”

“Inspiration exists, but it must find us working”

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