Charles Dickens – More Than A Christmas Carol

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1. Creativity, focus not force

Dickens had a very rough childhood. His father was careless with his money and was often in debt. He had to quit school more than once to work for his family. The second time he left to work at the place that led him to his writing career. He used his experience from his past as inspiration for his stories ( Business leaders need to learn how to piece together the physical and mental material they are provided with to rise above circumstance. Consider the time Dickens must have spent to extract the inspiration that resided in his mind. Many people say that creativity cannot be forced, however, we must realize that it takes focus to recognize it when it comes. Are you giving yourself enough time to stop and think and recognize inspiration and use your creativity?

2. Power of suspense

Some of Charles Dickens’ books were monthly papers which included illustrations. This helped make it easier to purchase, by giving a little at a time, and kept the reader’s attention (PBS). It gave people something to talk about and look forward to the next month. It can be seen similar to tv series seen today. This can be applied to business marketing. Movie production companies often demonstrate the understanding of this principle when they show a small clip of the film which will open in a few months. Suspense in marketing can be powerful, but it is not for every marketing situation.

3. Small payments

Another lesson we can learn from the monthly papers Dickens wrote is about financing. Those interested in reading the new addition to the storyline could purchase it. Though there was no financing involved in this, it teaches us about perspective. It looks like much more money when it is all up front and may be harder to afford when all must be paid at once. But when it is paid, a little at a time, it is much easier to make the payments. Though it becomes more complicated from there, the principle is simple, at times people are more willing to make smaller payments than a lump sum.

4. Customer feedback

In the monthly installments Charles Dickens did for his literature, he would listen to the feedback of those who read. He would use this feedback to make small changes in the plot. We can learn the importance of listening to the feedback of customers. Data is very valuable to a business, it is what many decisions are based off of. Customer feedback can be used in statistical analysis (such as regression analysis) to make predictions and to judge the strength of correlation between variables. Basic statistics can also be used to judge the satisfaction customers receive. As a business owner you need to recognize the value of the customers input and learn to find patterns and understand qualitative feedback and use that to tweak what you do.

5. More than simply using words

The works of Charles Dickens are reflections of the thoughts and perceptions he had which were placed into stories. Readers were able to gain a glimpse of what went on in his brilliant mind when they read. However, there was a limit to the depth of their entrance into his thoughts and feeling when they read, as everyone had different circumstances and understanding which they filter his words through. However, toward the end of his life, Dickens did public readings of his works. Many attended and could see his body language and hear his voice inflections as he read, giving them a further understanding of his perceptions and thoughts. Business owners often meet with their employees to collaborate and share their vision of the business. However they must understand that it is not enough to simply transmit words to their employees; their body language and voice inflections tell the story as well. You must make sure you watch your body language and voice inflection to make sure you convey your enthusiasm and confidence or whatever else you are attempting to convey in addition to the words you say.

Notable Quotes

“The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this; that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists.”

“The men who learn endurance, are they who call the whole world, brother”

“There are books of which the backs and covers are by far the best parts”

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